Instructors: Cisco CyberOps Associate NDG Labs Setup Guide



This short guide is designed to show instructors how to enable student access to the NDG CyberOps Associate labs in the Cisco CyberOps Associate course.



If your organization is participating in the Cisco Networking Academy, you can use this course for Instructor-Led Training (ILT). To enable the NDG Cisco CyberOps Associate labs, complete the following steps:

    • From the NetAcad Home page, select the Teach tab.

    • Go to your Cisco CyberOps Associate course and click Launch Course.

    • In the course, click on the Course Home tab.

    • Click the settings icon on the top right-hand side of the course to open the drop-down menu then click on the Turn Editing On option.

  • CCNA_COA_Setup-1.png 
    • Scroll down to the NDG Online lab service item and click on the Edit button to open the drop-down menu then click on the Show topic option.


    • Repeat for each module where NDG labs are present.

Note that when clicking on the NDG labs, participants will be directed to the NDG Online Portal to create an NDG Online Portal account and to purchase the labs. For more information about the lab enrollment process, visit our Enrollment Guide.

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