Instructors: Purchases via Price Quote

Who can order using the price quote process?

Price quotes are only designed for use by bookstores and academic institutions wishing to order bulk quantities of access codes. Single students or individuals may not use the price quote system. The minimum order quantity for this process is 5 codes for a price quote.

How do I initiate a price quote?

Price quotes can be initiated by filling out a form on our website here:

How do price quotes work?

Price quotes are merely a form of documentation and do not initiate an order on their own. Typically they are used in order to provide documentation to a purchasing department in order to generate a PO or allow the normal bulk purchasing process to proceed. In this case the bookstore or academic institution would order directly with our reseller FastSpring as outlined in our bulk ordering documentation.

Alternatively, price quotes can be used by our support team to manually place an order with FastSpring on behalf of the bookstore or academic institution. Most often this is for sales tax purposes, but there can be other situations where we would need our support team to place a manual order.

If you would like our support team to manually place an order based off of a quote, all you would need to do is either email our support team directly at (identifying your quote number) or respond to the support ticket that the price quote generates. Please note that the NDG Online support team may request additional information (such as sales tax exemption paperwork) before we are able to proceed.

Manual orders typically take 2 to 3 business days to process, but may take longer in certain situations. If possible, NDG recommends starting this process at least a week in advance of when codes will be needed.

What do I do if I make a mistake on a price quote?

If you make a mistake on a price quote or wish to make any changes, feel free to submit another request if needed. Price quotes are not binding and you can make as many quote requests as necessary.

Are there any discounts for bulk purchases?

Unfortunately NDG is unable to offer any discounts for bulk purchases or purchases for resale.


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