Instructors: Academic Email Verification Rules and Procedures


This guide is meant for instructors, teachers, and school administrators to explain rules and procedures for student academic email addresses. If you are a learner or student with questions regarding this topic, please contact the instructor of your class or the student email verification documentation here:

Academic Verification

Some of our partner academic lab content (VMware IT Academy, Red Hat Academy, Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy, and Cisco Networking Academy) requires that learners be affiliated with a school that is a member of these programs in order to use the labs or qualify for academic discounts.

The NDG Portal verifies that learners are students at a qualifying school by requiring that they enroll with an email address that is provided by the school (typically ending in .edu or regional equivalent), enrolling using the LMS integration features, enrolling in an instructor-led class, or their email address was previously added to our academic whitelist.

Verification via Academic Email Address

There are two methods to enroll via academic email address. The first (and most common) is for learners to enroll using an email address provided by the school (such as for example). This can be either the primary or secondary email address on the NDG Portal account. NDG keeps a database of approved academic domains in our system. If your school uses a different domain for student email addresses than your website, we may need to add this second domain to our database. If this is the case, please contact the NDG Online Support team for assistance.

The second method is used when schools do not provide academic email addresses (and are also not using the instructor-led class tools). In this case, a list of email addresses is provided to the NDG Online Support team by the instructor of the class that learners will be using to enroll. The support team will then add these addresses to our whitelist and this will allow students to enroll using email addresses (such as Gmail or Outlook for example) that would not normally be acceptable for use.

Important Note: We sometimes see institutions attempt to bypass the academic verification system by issuing generic email addresses (, etc) and learners enroll with these addresses. This is a violation of the NDG terms of service and a violation of your agreements with our partner academy content providers. DO NOT ISSUE GENERIC EMAIL ADDRESSES TO STUDENTS IN ORDER TO BYPASS THE VERIFICATION CHECK. All learners must enroll using their personal email addresses and accounts must be tied to an individual learner. If your school does not issue individual learners academic email addresses, you will either need to use the instructor tools or whitelist student personal email addresses.

Verification via LMS Integration or Instructor-Led Training Tools

In cases were instructors are using our NDG Portal "Teach" functions to create instructor-led or LMS integrated classes, academic verification is turned off by default and this allows learners to enroll using any email address. Instructors are expected to monitor their classes to ensure they are correctly being used by students at their academic institution and only students at their academic institution.

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