VMware Micro-course FAQ

Availability and Cost

The NDG VMware Micro-courses are available at no charge to the general public for a limited time. Learners are not required to be members of an academic institution or participating in the VMware IT Academy program.

System Requirements

The NDG Online Lab system requires the use of a desktop operating system using a physical keyboard and pointing device. Smartphones and tablet devices are not supported. For more complete information, please refer to:



When completing the NDG VMware Micro-courses learners are awarded a digital badge by VMware. Information on how to claim badges for VMware micro-courses is found in the content section and is not related or determined by lab completion. All support questions regarding badges should be directed to https://support.credly.com/ for assistance. Do not contact the NDG Support for issues regarding the badges, as we are unable to assist with these questions.

Getting Help

The NDG Online support team provides assistance for the NDG online platform. While we are able to assist with technical questions regarding the NDG Portal and connecting to the environment, we are unable to assist with questions regarding performing the lab content or understanding the course materials. Course and lab content is provided as-is with no instructor assistance from NDG. Learners that need instructional assistance are encouraged to pursue instructor-led training courses an academic institution offering NDG courses.

The NDG Online Labs are only provided and supported in English at this time.  If taking the micro-course as part of an instructor-led class or through an LMS, your instructor should always be the first point of contact, prior to contacting NDG.

The NDG Online support team can be reached via the "Help" button in the NDG Portal, the "Help" button found in our support website here, or directly at:


Thank you for your interest in NDG!

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