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Instructor Access

NDG provides instructor access to the NDG Portal for qualified users. This access grants evaluation access to all NDG Portal content, the ability to create instructor-led classes within the NDG Portal, and to integrate NDG Portal content into an external LMS.

Instructor access to the NDG Portal is unrelated in any way to NETLAB+ or teaching using a NETLAB+ system. The hosted services provided through the NDG Portal and an on-premises NETLAB+ system are not connected or share any credentials. 

Requirements to Use

In order to qualify for instructor access to the NDG Portal, you must be an instructor at a degree granting and government accredited academic institution and member of one of our partner academic programs such as the VMware IT Academy or Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy (if requesting access to this content). Access must be requested using an academic email address (typically ending in .edu or regional equivalent) provided by your school. Free email addresses such as Gmail are not acceptable for instructor accounts. Email addresses should be specific to the instructor requesting the access, and not a generic academic email address (such as an email address for an entire department). Multiple instructors can (and are encouraged) to request access to a single academic institution.

Students should never request instructor access or be provided links to the Teach section of the NDG Portal for any reason.

Signing Up For Access

To gain access, you would first need to sign up for an NDG Portal account and verify your instructor email address provided by your academic institution. Support documentation for signing up can be found here:

Once your account is verified, navigate to the NDG Portal Teach tab here:

You will then be prompted to find and join your institution (if it already exists in our system) or create a new one (if your institution has not been previously approved).


You will then be asked a series of questions regarding your program membership and verification of your status as an academic institution.


Once the form is submitted, a ticket in our customer support system will be created and our support team will verify the information you have provided. You will receive an emailed response from our support team (typically within two to three business days) that will contain additional information on your request.

Important: The number one issue encountered by instructors with signing up for instructor access is verification information. This section is asking you to provide information we can use to verify your status as an instructor and verify that your academic institution is a member of the checked programs. This is typically a staff directory listing on your school's website and program ID numbers.

Do NOT use this section to simply list you are or information about your school, as our support team needs to be able to independently verify this information. Also, any verification information must originate with your academic institution or our industry academic programs (VMware, Palo Alto Networks, or Red Hat). Examples of information that CANNOT be used for verification: LinkedIn, email signatures, Cisco Networking Academy instructor status, emails from other individuals in your academic institution that are not verified (or able to be verified), or any other third parties not directly affiliated with your academic institution.

Getting Help

If you have any questions regarding instructor access to the NDG Portal, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our support team can be reached via the Help button in the NDG Portal or by submitting a request via the NDG Portal support website.

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