Enrolling and Purchasing Lab/Course Access

If you do not have an existing NDG Portal account you will need to register first as part of the enrollment process. Additional information on how to sign up for an NDG Portal account can be found here.

To enroll in the NDG Labs your instructor will either provide you with an enrollment URL or a link will be provided within your Learner Management System (LMS).

Important: All classes taught through an academic institution should provide students with an enrollment URL or instructions on how to enroll via an LMS. Students should never be directed to the NDG website to purchase lab access, and some partner content (such as the VMware IT Academy labs) cannot be purchased directly via the NDG website by students.

Purchase Labs

There are two ways lab access can be purchased or claimed: access code or direct payment through the NDG Portal. For information regarding the use of an access code, please skip ahead to that section.

Direct Purchase from the NDG Portal


Note that some labs will only have one option for time period of access. Regardless, you will need to select an option before proceeding and the Purchase Access button will be greyed out until an option is selected.


Once you click the Purchase Access button, you will be prompted to complete your purchase within the NDG Portal.


Please skip the following section regarding access codes if you are not using this process.

Using an Access Code

Sometimes rather than purchasing access directly, learners will utilize access codes. Access codes are used in cases where access is purchased through a third-party (such as a bookstore) or access is purchased on the learner's behalf (such as an academic institution purchasing for students). If access was purchased on behalf of a learner, this access code would be provided by the individual or organization purchasing the code, typically the instructor. Learners should NOT contact NDG support to request an access code. Any questions regarding obtaining an access code should be directed to the instructor of the class or organization providing the class.

If using an access code, once you are prompted to make a purchase, there should be an additional section below that requests the code.


Here you can enter the access code.

Accessing the Labs After Purchase

Navigate to your NDG Online Portal home where the labs can be accessed. Click on the lab class card to open the lab environment.



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