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Instructors, Administrators, and Learners


Network Development Group is offering hosted VMware IT Academy labs for institutions participating in the VMware IT Academy Program program. Unfortunately these labs are not available for purchase by the general public, and are only available to learners and administrators that are a members of an academic institution that is a member of the VMware IT Academy program.

Purchase of the lab content can only be made through the Kivuto/On-The-Hub webstore provided through the program or via bulk purchase for resale through an authorized bookstore. Please refer to our support documentation for these processes here:

Note that bulk purchases for VMware labs can only be made via a price quote and not purchased directly through FastSpring. Access to the VMware labs is only possible via access code and students are unable to purchase access directly through the NDG Portal.

Evaluation Access

Instructors at degree granting and government accredited academic institutions can request evaluation access to the labs at no charge through our website here:

Please be aware that requests must be done with an academic email address (typically ending in .edu or regional equivalent) and status as an instructor must be verified in order to process the request.

Additional Information

Learners wishing to learn more information regarding the NDG Online Lab content for the VMware IT Academy and the VMware IT Academy itself can find additional information here:



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