NDG Online Labs Enrollment Guide

 This is a guide to help you quickly enroll in the NDG Online Labs.


NDG Online Lab Enrollment

A quick look at what is covered in this guide:

  1. Register in NDG Online Portal 
  2. Verify Email Address
  3. Purchase Labs
  4. Help and Resources

1. Register in the NDG Online Portal

When accessing the NDG Online Portal for the first time, the platform will prompt you to register with a Full Name, Email Address, and a Password. This information will be saved once you click on the Register button, so if for any reason you leave the page during the enrollment process, progress will be saved and you can continue enrolling from where you left off by going back to the Portal.



After registering, you will be able to view your NDG Online Portal homepage by clicking on the Learn tab located on the left-hand side of the page. 



2. Email Verification

The next step of the enrollment process is Email verification. A verification email with a Verification Key will be sent to the email that was provided in the registration step. Without completing this step, users will be unable to continue with the lab enrollment process.


Having issues finding the verification email? Please check your email Trash or Junk folder in case it was sent there instead of your Inbox. In addition, please verify that the email provided in the registration step is accurate. If you are still experiencing issues verifying your email, feel free to contact NDG Online Support at hostedsupport@netdevgroup.com.

Type in your Verification Key and click Verify to continue.



You can check to see if your email was verified successfully in the NDG Online Portal by going to the Account tab and then select Manage Email Addresses. 


 3. Purchase Labs


There are multiple ways that lab access can be purchased, but the primary methods are either via Access Code or direct payment through the NDG Portal. For information regarding the use of an access code, please skip ahead to that section.

Direct Purchase from the NDG Portal

From the Courses & Labs catalog, the learner will select the lab or course they wish to purchase.


Once a lab or course is selected, click the Purchase button.


Select the appropriate prompts regarding your eligibility and your status as either an instructor or student.



Once you complete the selections, you will be taken to an enrollment URL for the appropriate labs. Here you will create an NDG Portal account if you have not done so previously, or sign into your account.


Note that some labs will only have one option for time period of access. Regardless, you will need to select an option before proceeding and the Purchase Access button will be greyed out until an option is selected.


Once you click the Purchase Access button, you will be prompted to complete your purchase within the NDG Portal.


Please skip the following section regarding access codes if you are not using this process.

Purchase Using Access Codes

Some labs can be purchased via access code. This can be done via your school's bookstore or the Kivuto OnTheHub web store, depending on your instructor and how the labs are set up by your school. In this case, once you are prompted to make a purchase, there should be an additional section below that requests an access code.


Here you can enter the access code you previously purchased.

Accessing the Labs After Purchase

Navigate to your NDG Online Portal home where the labs can be accessed. Click on the lab class card to open the lab environment.



4. Getting Help

Need help with the NDG Online Portal or labs? Click on the Help tab in the menu on the right and leave us a message. In the Help window, fill out the form and click Send to contact NDG Hosted Support.  



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