Email Verification and Management

We require a verified email address before you may access our courses and labs. Additionally, some courses require enrollment using an email address from an approved academic institution in order to enroll and use certain labs.

To verify you are the owner of the email address, we send you a special Verification Key, which you then submit to a form on our website.

Once you add and verify and email address to your account, it can not be removed. This permanently ties the address to the account. Unverified secondary email addresses are automatically removed after 7 days.

You cannot remove a primary email address from the account, even if it is unverified. If you have made an error when signing up for an NDG Portal account with an incorrect address, you will need to first add and verify a new primary email address. You can then remove the unverified email address (which should now be secondary).

The NDG Portal does not have usernames and you would log in with the primary email address on your account.

Manage Email Addresses 

To manage email addresses in NDG Portal, select the Account tab and click on Manage Email Addresses.


In the Manage Email Addresses window, you will have an overview of the email addresses associated with your NDG Portal account. If the email has been successfully verified, a green "verified" icon will show next to that email. Emails that pass the academic verification process will have a blue "academic" icon. To make an email the Primary email, select the green up arrow button.

NDG strongly recommends that all instructors and instructor accounts use their academic email address (not a free service such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook) as the primary email. Instructor accounts are also strongly recommended NOT to change their primary email after their instructor account is approved.

In order to add an email to your NDG Portal account type in the new email in the Add Email Address field and click the Add Email button to save all changes. 


Please check the newly added email inbox for a Verification Key to proceed with the verification process. If you do not see the email in your email inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder in case it was sent there instead.


Type the Verification Key into NDG Portal Email Addresses window and click the "Verify" button.


Issues Verifying Email Addresses

If you do not receive your verification email, there are two likely explanation for this issue. The first being that you entered your email address incorrectly when registering. If the email address is incorrect, verification will fail and you will need to correct your address before attempting verification again.

You may also fail to receive the verification email, this may because it is being routed to your spam/junk folder or otherwise blocked by your email provider. Please ensure that failed verification emails are being routed correctly.

Academic Verification

If you see an error regarding academic email verification when enrolling, the system does not have a verified academic email on file for you to proceed. In this case, you will need to add an academic email to your account as shown above before proceeding.


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