NDG Portal - What's Changed?

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This is a short guide to help you navigate the new features of NDG Portal.


New Features in NDG Portal

A quick look at what is covered in this guide:

  • Navigation Menu
  • Lab Access
  • Account Management 
  • Getting Help

Navigation Menu

Easier navigation of NDG Portal using the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page.



Lab Access (Scheduling)

The new NDG Portal no longer requires scheduling of labs. The labs are accessed on-demand without having to use the scheduler to create a lab reservation. To access labs, simply go to your NDG Portal home by selecting the Learn tab and launch the classes you are enrolled in by clicking on the class card.


In the class, select a lab from the lab set. 


 Note: Due to changes with the lab scheduler, NDG Portal no longer supports future lab reservations.


Please allow a few minutes for the lab environment and virtual machines to load after selecting a lab. 



The NDG Online labs continue to be hosted on NDG NETLAB+ and therefore will look similar to the old lab environment. To begin the lab, click on the Content tab to view the lab documentation. Time remaining for the lab is displayed on the upper right hand side of the lab environment.



To access the list of labs at any time during a lab, select the Modules tab on the left hand side of the page.



Account Management

Access account settings by clicking on the Account tab in the navigation menu on the left and then clicking Configure lab settings.


Time and Date Settings

To adjust date and time settings in NDG Portal, click on the Account tab and click on Configure lab settings.



Change Password

To change your NDG Portal password, Click on the Account tab and click on Change Password.


 Type in your old password in the Old Password field and the new password in the next two fields. Click Change Password to save the changes. 



Manage Email Addresses 

To manage email addresses in NDG Portal, select the Account tab and click on Manage Email Addresses.



In the Manage Email Addresses window, you will have an overview of the email addresses associated with your NDG Portal account. If the email has been successfully verified, a green "verified" icon will show next to that email. Emails that pass the academic verification process will have a blue "academic" icon. To make an email the Primary email, select the green up arrow button. To delete an email, select the red "x" button. 

In order to add an email to your NDG Portal account type in the new email in the Add Email Address field and click the Add Email button to save all changes. 


Getting Help

Need help with NDG Portal or labs? Click on the Help tab in the menu on the right and leave us a message. In the Help window, fill out the form and click Send to contact NDG Hosted Support.  



For any additional questions or issues regarding the new features in NDG Portal please feel free to contact NDG Online Support at hostednetlab@netdevgroup.com.


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