NDG Portal System Requirements

Operating System

The NDG Portal requires the use of a desktop operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Smartphones and tablet devices are not supported.


You must use a device with with a physical keyboard and pointing device (laptop or desktop). All labs and virtual machines are designed to be used and assume the use of a en-US QWERTY keyboard layout. Other keyboard layouts may work, but are unsupported. If encountering difficulty with a non-English keyboard, you may need to switch keyboard layouts or use a virtual keyboard set to en-US.

Note that the Caps Lock function of keyboards are part of the host operating system, and does not normally transfer to virtual machines or remote desktops. Using the Shift key for capital letters as you would normally type will work as normal. The Caps Lock key should not be used within a virtual environment, including all NDG Portal content.


The NDG Portal is tested with and supports the following desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

You must be using the latest stable release of the browser, and beta or nightly builds are unsupported. Other browsers may work, but are unsupported by NDG.

Note that cookies must be enabled for the NDG Portal to function correctly. Firefox "Total Cookie Protection" and Safari "Prevent cross-site tracking" settings may interfere with the correct operation of the NDG Portal, particularly in cases where the NDG Portal is embedded in an external LMS. It is recommended to add (*.netdevgroup.com) to your cookie Allow List.

Screen Resolution
  • recommended resolution - 1920x1080 or greater
  • minimum resolution - 1366 x 768

Screen resolutions below the recommend may result in blurry and/or cut off parts of the virtual machine windows as the system attempts to resize for the limited available resolution.

Internet Connection

The virtual terminal does not require a large amount of bandwidth, but is susceptible to latency and dropped packets (usually the result of poor WiFi connections). For best results, NDG recommends a connection speed of no less than 1.5 Mbps and the connection to be hard wired (Ethernet). Dial-up connections are not supported.


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