Virtual Machine Dropdown Commands

Accessing VM Commands

Every virtual machine or device will have a series of commands that can be issued that affect the VM or the output displayed within the NDG Portal. These can be accessed by pressing the "Down Arrow" button next to the virtual machine name icon.


What do these commands do?


Sends the keystrokes CTRL+ALT+DEL to the virtual machine. This is a protected command that will never be passed from your client computer to any virtual machine if typed on your keyboard.


Undocks the virtual machine and creates a new separate window outside of the NDG Portal. Useful if using multiple monitors or want to make the virtual machine into a full screen.

Actual Size

Shows the virtual machine window as a 1:1 pixel on your screen compared to what the internal virtual machine thinks the screen resolution is. Offers the cleanest possible image of the virtual machine but some of the screen may extend past your monitor and not be visible.

Scale Display

Scales the virtual machine window to fit the constraints of the current NDG Portal window and your screen resolution while keeping the aspect ratio of the virtual machine. Will always show the full display, but the window may be distorted due to the scaling. This is the best option if experiencing difficulty seeing parts of the virtual machine window.

Resize Display

Resizes the virtual machine resolution to match the available resolution in the window. Since both the resolution and aspect ratio are effectively unlocked and become dependent on your browser window, this may result in unexpected behavior such as parts of the window and dialog boxes being cut off on lower resolution monitors.


Reverts this particular virtual machine back the default state when the lab was loaded. Does not affect other virtual machines in the reservation. This is an advanced selection and not normally used. It can cause unexpected behavior if used incorrectly or in the middle of following a lab. It is recommended to end your reservation and start a new one if you are experiencing difficulty with a virtual machine.

Power On

Powers on the virtual machine (if off).

Power Off

Powers off the virtual machine (if on).

Take Screenshot

Takes a screenshot of your current virtual machine window. If using an instructor-led class these screenshots can be viewed by the instructor of your class. If using the labs without instructor access, these screenshots are not saved in the NDG Portal, but still can be useful for saving the image locally on your computer.

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