Instructors: Tax Exempt Orders (United States Customers Only)

Sales Tax Exempt Orders

Depending on the state and other factors, you may or may not be charged tax by FastSpring when initiating an order. Unfortunately the only way to know is to start an order and enter your physical address (this does not commit you in any way to ordering). If FastSpring is charging you the tax, we have several ways to either refund the tax or place a manual order to remove the tax before purchase.

How do I place a tax exempt without tax showing on the invoice?

If your purchasing department requires that the invoice not list tax as a line item or you are paying via card and the refund option (see below) is unacceptable, please contact us or the FastSpring support team prior to placing your order.



It is difficult to remove the sales tax from the invoice after the fact, and this usually requires us to cancel the existing order and place a new one. Our only method to place an order that does not contain sales tax as a line item on an invoice is to manually place the order by FastSpring or our support team. This generally takes a few extra days to process, and we encourage buyers to consider our other options for sales tax exemptions, as these are faster, with fewer steps, and are much less likely to encounter issues.

How do I place a tax exempt order if paying via check?

If it is OK for the sales tax to show on the invoice (the final receipt will show no sales tax), all you would need to do is follow the normal procedure for payment, selecting the "Check or Money Order" option. You would then write the amount for the invoice (omitting the sales tax) and send it as usual. Once processed by FastSpring, our support team may need to reach out to you for your tax exemption paperwork, but no other steps are required. The final receipt will show no tax.

How do I place a tax exempt order if paying via card?

If paying via card, you would pay the full amount on the invoice and then contact our support team. We will then refund the sales tax back. The final receipt will show no tax.

Are there any limitations for sales tax exempt orders?

Yes, due to their labor intensive nature, we require a minimum quantity of five (5) products if you need to place a manual order with no sales tax. There are no quantity restrictions if you wish to use the check method or the card refund methods listed above.

Where can I find additional information?

Please refer to our reseller FastSpring's support website here regarding sales tax here:

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