Keyboard Issues

Issues with keystrokes can be caused by many factors. Note that there are several limitations in regards to how keystrokes are passed to the virtual machines, and before proceeding please ensure that your system meets our system requirements for using the NDG Portal.

All labs and virtual machines are designed to be used and assume the use of a en-US QWERTY keyboard layout. Other keyboard layouts may work, but are unsupported. If encountering difficulty with a non-English keyboard, you may need to switch keyboard layouts or use a virtual keyboard set to en-US.

Note that the Caps Lock function of keyboards are part of the host operating system, and does not normally transfer to virtual machines or remote desktops. Using the Shift key for capital letters as you would normally type will work as normal.

Some keyboards (in particular laptops and Apple computers using Mac OS) have alternate uses for the function keys (F1, F2, etc). If you are unsure of how to force your keyboard to accept function keystrokes rather than other functions such as screen dimming or other computer specific tasks, you will need to consult with your keyboard or computer documentation and support for assistance. Mac OS users can refer to the Apple documentation here:

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