Trouble Entering Passwords

Issues entering passwords (both to login to a VM or within a VM itself) are typically the result of user error or a problem with the computer used to access the labs.

It is exceedingly rare (less than .01% of all submitted support tickets regarding passwords) for a problem entering a password to represent an issue with the lab or NDG Portal itself. Before contacting the support team regarding any issues with passwords, please verify the following:

  1. You are entering the password correctly, and using the appropriate password as indicated in the lab documentation under the Content tab of the NDG Portal. (with the exception of Red Hat Academy labs, lab documentation originating from outside the NDG Portal is not supported.)
  2. You have completed previous steps of the lab correctly. Password failures in the middle of a lab are often the result of user error performing previous steps in the lab. Note that when passwords are requested mid-lab, success or failure are often determined by correctly performing the lab.
  3. You are correctly using the "Shift" key of the keyboard and not the "Caps Lock" key to enter capital letters.
  4. Your computer meets the system requirements for using the NDG Portal and labs (particularly in regards to keyboard settings).
  5. Your computer is not experiencing any lag or other network problems that would interfere with the keystrokes sent to the virtual machines. Poor connections to our servers will typically cause keystrokes to be dropped or duplicated.
  6. Some passwords will not show any indications they are being entered (such as within a CLI). This is normal and for security purposes.

If you need to contact the support team regarding an issue with passwords, you will need to provide detailed and specific information regarding the lab library you are using, which lab, the machine or step in the lab you are trying to enter a password, the password you think is correct, all troubleshooting steps you have taken on your own, your keyboard layout/settings, and any other relevant information.

If you are taking the labs as part of a class or other instructor-led environment, please contact your instructor prior to contacting our support team for assistance.


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