Kivuto Purchase Guide

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Purchasing Labs


Contact your instructor for the appropriate institution’s store URL.



The following instructions will result in a lab purchase. Before proceeding, verify with your instructor the correct method to obtain your lab access.


Enter your username and password and then press Sign In.


Search for the product and then select Students > VMware > eLab.

Click on the lab set you to wish to purchase (e.g. VCP6-ICM Labs).


Select Add To Cart.

Navigate to Shopping Cart > Check Out when you are finished.


Read the End User License Agreement and then click Accept.

Fill in your contact information and then select Proceed With Order.


A confirmation email has been sent to the email address you entered in the contact information section.

Notice there is an eight-digit Lab Access Code for the item you have purchased, which you will need to complete the enrollment process.

Check your inbox for the confirmation email, which will direct you to complete the enrollment process. Within the email, you will see three URLs for the following:

  • Enrollment, using the eight-digit lab access code.
  • Instructions on how to enroll.
  • Assistance and instructions on how to log in, schedule labs and change passwords.


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